Philippines: Quest Hotel Cebu Launches Sustainable ‘Hello Summer’ Campaign

Quest Hotel Cebu

Quest Hotel & Conference Center Cebu has launched two significant campaigns, “Hello Summer” and “Today & Beyond,” with a vibrant poolside party, marking the beginning of a new era in sustainable hospitality and community engagement.

The initiatives, running from March 15, 2024, to December 31, 2024, aim to promote environmental responsibility and foster local community ties, reflecting the hotel’s commitment to positive impact and sustainability.

The “Today & Beyond” campaign is built on three core pillars: Human Capital, Sustainability, and Our Guests. It is designed to showcase Quest Hotel Cebu’s dedication to a forward-thinking approach in the hospitality sector.

A central feature of this campaign is the “Today and Beyond – Go Local” package, which supports local farmers and artisans by integrating their products and practices into the guest experience, thereby promoting a sustainable future.

General Manager Mia Singson-Leon elaborated on the package’s offerings, which include an overnight stay in a deluxe room with breakfast for two, fresh fruit amenities from Busay partner farmers, complimentary fresh fruit shakes at the Pool Bar, and significant dining discounts.

Additionally, guests will receive a P200 voucher for the Live Love Local shop, and for each package booked, the hotel will donate P100 to PADS (Philippine Accessible Disability Services, Inc.), underlining its commitment to social responsibility.

The promotion aims not only to provide guests with a unique and memorable experience but also to embed sustainability and social responsibility into its operations.

Quest Hotel & Conference Center Cebu is taking strides to offer eco-friendly amenities, engage in community outreach programs, and encourage both guests and staff to adopt sustainable practices in all aspects of life.

This groundbreaking approach by Quest Hotel Cebu is setting a new benchmark for the hospitality industry, emphasizing the crucial role of sustainability and local community engagement in creating lasting positive outcomes.

The “Today & Beyond” campaign serves as a comprehensive call to action for environmental stewardship, community support, and the overall well-being of everyone connected with the hotel, showcasing an innovative path towards a more sustainable and inclusive future in hospitality.