GCash Steps Up Fight vs Online Scams Through Comprehensive User Education

GCash assistant vice president for Media Affairs, Krisca Tadena

GCash is intensifying its consumer education efforts to combat online scams and fraud, emphasizing the critical role of informed users in maintaining security in the digital financial landscape.

As part of its commitment to enhancing the safety of its platform, the company has launched a comprehensive educational campaign aimed at equipping its users with the knowledge to identify and avoid potential security threats.

During a recent briefing in Cebu, GCash assistant vice president for Media Affairs, Krisca Tadena, stressed the importance of never sharing personal information such as one-time passwords (OTPs) or clicking on unverified links, which are common tactics employed by scammers.

The platform’s educational materials, which include detailed guides and tips, are designed to help users understand the various types of online fraud and the best practices for securing their accounts.

To further support this initiative, GCash has developed a series of security protocols and features that users can employ to protect their transactions.

These include biometric verifications and a new “double safe” feature, which ensures that the person accessing the account is the legitimate owner by requiring a live photo for identity verification, among others.

The company also collaborates closely with regulators and law enforcement agencies to stay ahead of new scamming techniques and to quickly address any security breaches that may occur.

This partnership has enabled GCash to offer timely updates and alerts about current scams, directly contributing to user safety.

By prioritizing user education and robust security measures, GCash aims to create a safer digital environment where consumers can confidently manage their finances without fear of fraud.

This proactive approach not only protects individuals but also enhances the overall integrity of the digital financial ecosystem in the Philippines.

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