PT Pertamina International Shipping Appoints New Director of Risk Management

PT Pertamina International Shipping

PT Pertamina International Shipping (PIS) has officially appointed Muhammad Resa as Director of Risk Management.

This strategic move aims to support PIS’s aggressive growth ambitions while maintaining a strong focus on risk management.

The appointment underscores PIS’s commitment to bolstering business growth and enhancing performance quality.

Yoki Firnandi, CEO of PIS, expressed confidence that Resa’s appointment would significantly enhance the company’s capacity and performance.

“Muhammad Resa’s expertise will reinforce PIS’s pivotal role in Indonesia’s energy distribution and support its expansion in the global maritime industry,” Firnandi stated.

He emphasized the importance of innovative and expansive business strategies, coupled with rigorous risk management practices, to ensure sustainable growth.

The inauguration ceremony took place at Grha Pertamina in Jakarta and was attended by key figures such as Nicke Widyawati, President Director of PT Pertamina (Persero), Erry Sugiharto, Pertamina’s Director of Human Capital, and Ahmad Siddik Badruddin, Pertamina’s Director of Risk Management.

Resa brings valuable experience to his new role, having served as Managing Director of PIS Asia Pacific (PIS AP) since May 2023.

Under his leadership, PIS AP has become a significant contributor to PIS’s non-captive market revenue, which continues to grow annually. PIS AP, established in 2018, operates branch offices in strategic locations like Singapore and Dubai.

With his extensive background in the maritime industry and risk management, Resa is well-positioned to lead PIS toward its vision of becoming a global leader in shipping and logistics.

His appointment is expected to drive innovative growth strategies while maintaining a strong emphasis on risk management, ensuring the company’s long-term sustainability and success in the global market.