Vertex Ventures Japan Launches $64.24m Fund for Tech Startups

    Vertrex Ventures Japan
    Photo by Tianshu Liu on Unsplash.

    Vertex Ventures Japan (VVJ) has launched its first fund, Vertex Ventures Japan Fund I (VVJFI), valued at JPY 10 billion (approximately $64.24 million) to support tech startups in Japan.

    The fund, led by Singapore-based Vertex Holdings, part of Temasek’s network, aims to invest in promising Japanese startups. VVJFI will leverage Vertex’s global venture capital network, focusing on startups with strong growth drivers and government support.

    The fund is inspired by Vertex’s successful regional funds and will be led by Managing Partner Takashi Tomita and General Partner Tomohiro Miyasaka.

    On May 16, 2024, at the University of Tokyo (UTokyo), Vertex Holdings, UTokyo, and UTokyo IPC announced a collaboration to advance startup investment initiatives.

    This partnership aims to support human resource development and research collaboration between Japan and Singapore, working closely with Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) as part of the “Japan-Singapore Co-Creation Platform.”

    This initiative, conceived during the Japan-Singapore Public-Private Economic Dialogue on April 17, supports cross-border collaboration among industry stakeholders, academic institutions, and governmental bodies.

    Chua Kee Lock, CEO of Vertex Holdings, highlighted the market’s growth potential in deep tech, digital transformation, AI, and the creator economy.

    VVJ, under Tomita and Miyasaka’s leadership, aims to nurture Japan’s next wave of global champions by leveraging Vertex’s global venture capital network.