Philippine Airlines First in Asia to Use SkyBreathe® OnBoard

Philippine Airlines

Philippine Airlines (PAL) has become the first Asian airline to implement SkyBreathe® OnBoard, a digital solution aimed at increasing fuel savings directly from the flight deck.

The country’s flag carrier announced its partnership with OpenAirlines, a leading provider of fuel management solutions for airlines, to integrate SkyBreathe® OnBoard into its operations.

This move represents a significant step in PAL’s efforts to enhance environmental responsibility and operational efficiency.

SkyBreathe® OnBoard is a user-friendly tool that leverages advanced algorithms and real-time data from the world’s largest fuel-efficiency database to provide live cockpit assistance for fuel-saving measures.

The solution is part of the SkyBreathe® eco-flying platform, which is currently used by 66 airlines worldwide to reduce CO2 emissions and boost efficiency.

The technology includes an integrated Direct Assistant that offers pilots timely notifications for in-flight shortcuts, improving decision-making by considering real-time flight constraints and direct routes approved by Air Traffic Control.

This implementation is expected to yield a 1% fuel savings per flight, promising a quick return on investment.

“Our dynamic partnership with OpenAirlines reinforces our commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration within the aviation ecosystem,” said Capt. Stanley K. Ng, PAL President & Chief Operating Officer.

“Since we started working with OpenAirlines in 2022 with the implementation of SkyBreathe® Analytics, we have achieved significant fuel savings. We believe that adopting SkyBreathe® OnBoard will further enhance PAL’s operational performance.”

Alexandre Feray, CEO of OpenAirlines, commented on the partnership: “Pilots have many tasks during a flight, making it challenging to know when and how to apply fuel-saving practices. SkyBreathe® OnBoard is the result of extensive R&D and pilot collaboration, designed to provide relevant and timely fuel-saving notifications without adding to the workload. We are honored that Philippine Airlines is our first customer in Asia-Pacific to adopt this solution.”

The aviation industry’s growing focus on sustainability is highlighted by collaborations like the one between Philippine Airlines and OpenAirlines, showcasing the potential of digital solutions to drive a greener future for air transport.